Project: Web App

Involvement: UI/UX Design

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Showcase is a content distribution and management platform used by the world’s leading content producers and distributors. It is a tool that basically simplifies the secure screening and sharing of digitally available works in progress. I was primarily tasked with the creation of demo accounts for clients, i was resposnible for the branding, color schemes and design of the product. Later, Rebranding of the product and adding a new feature was also done.

Adding a new Feature - Screeners for new content were sent as an email link. Also the screener content was played on a JW Player window. As part of the introduction of a custom build player and Content Armor, a data protection system the entire screener module was revamped into a wizard where the content can be placed in a suitable interface with appropriate branding. The content,along with a background image, branding and other information will be sent to a list of users for preview.